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22 March 2008 @ 04:20 pm
I'm an expert at procastinating.
soo... I have this art project I have to finish by monday
i was THREATEN by my teacher to get it done.

the assignment was draw a meaning of a color using black and white.

i choose white, i found it funny, cuz over here, they represent PURE. ppl wear them at weddings.
over in my country, vietnam, it present DEATH.
like people wear white in funerals and stuff.

but.. just think about drawing make me dizzy
so i was gonna wait til the last minute just like i always does.
but today I heard a upsetting new that Lee Dong Gun's brother, he got stabbed and die at the hospital
by these 2 guys in australia.
I was upset.. like... serioulsy, they did this just because adolescent, they stab people for fun.
just because something they FEEL like doing, a person die, a person who have family and friends that love them very much.
I can't even imagine what would happen if one day i found out a close friend of mine or a family member that i love die.
I remember when i was 8, after I heard the news of my dad in a car accident, the only thing that i can do was cry like crazy and yelling, calling his name,
he got hit by a motercycle and fly like 6 meters away. this is in vietnam so the traffic is totally not safe like over here.
I remember that night my best friend came over my house to sleep with me and talk to me, we both end up crying in bed.
my dad was unconcious and loosing blood like crazy, they have to drive him to the nearest big hospital that's like 2 hours away.
the 4 months that my dad were healing was the most difficult time of my life, i was sooo use to having him wake me up in the morning, carry me in his back to the sink, make sure i finish breakfast and drive me to school, pick me up in time.
Even though there's time where i hate him for hitting me, but i know that withtout my dad, i'll be pretty screwed up.
I remember 2 days after the incident, i went to school, i was messing around with my friends try to hide to fact that i'm sad, but when i said goodbye to one of the girls in my class all hyper, by touching the side of her head and make her lost her earing, the teacher knew and came over, yelling at me and ask me to tell my dad to come and see her at school.

when the word "tell your dad to come" come out of her mouth, i remember i can't control my feeling but tears just keep pouring out like crazy, i ran out of the classroom right now.
the teacher didn't know what was going on and she asked my mom about it

sooo... just a flashback of something i rather not try to remember, but also something good come out of it, i suddenly realize how much good and true friends i have, those who come and comfort me, also all of my neighbors came to talk to my mom all the time to calm her down, comfort us. make me feel loved.

where am i going with this?
I'm just saying it's sick that people can do shit like this.
i hope they get the punishment they deserve.

so.. after hearing the news, dispappointed in the human race,
and having all those flashbacks.
gave me a boost to sit down and actually do my art project.
so after 1 and a half hour.
I got this.

click for bigger size
Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

HMM.. you can see my little toes there,
took it with my phone, too lazy to search for my camera.

Soo... yea. that's pretty much what's on my mind rite now.

those mother fucking sich bastards make me loath the human race.
but also give me a reason to finish that up and clear up my schedule for tomorrow.

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18 January 2008 @ 02:00 am
I just make my own customized mood.
too lazy to post it now.
maybe later.
just feeling accomplished to finally finished with it
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13 January 2008 @ 08:06 pm
Finally, I got a layout that I actually like.
ahh! luv the Bong and Maknae header.
they're just too cute

thanks to refuted
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12 January 2008 @ 02:13 am
They need a cure for laziness.
cuz i need it badly.
I keep filling up my graphic folder
but never post it up.
well it's time.
as a staff, never post anything here
feel a bit guilty.
so here. over 190 icons and gifs.

the 2 Cs.

-comment.every graphi maker love them
-credit. if my work lucky enough for you to use it.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Put on your protective gogglesCollapse )
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03 December 2007 @ 07:31 pm
I make these Dirty Cash icons a loongg time ago
but were too lazy to post.
I'm a pretty lazy person.
so I just wanna post it now
so i won't get "too" out of date
even though it is.
haha. I'll post a new batch of newer ones soon.


-- leave a coment
-- and credit Vicky if taken

No I don't want your dirty cashCollapse )
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